Hi Mike we are providing the solution for you
we will send 2 artists to take care of your Zbrush sculptor in the term of technical also artistic and the more better process from start to finish work on time
PAT – the guy that comes see you will take care of any zbrush work from sculpting correctly to manufacturing, revision,also work with you as an assistant to create a system to run this job more better
he will be like zbrush manager
the other guy from my team will work close with PAT to produce the work as you want
this is example work from my people
we  usually working online with but in this solution PAT can go to your office 2 time  a week from 8.30 in the morning  to   12.00 launch time 
if you want to discuss more about this solution please let me know
if this is going well
I can connect and help you to find a good zbrush sculptor in thailand to build up the zbrush department  for match your needs
the place that you show to me and the academy is sound so interesting
if you need anything that i can help let me know 
right now i have 2 online schools in Thailand we have a total number of around 6,000 students in 5 years  you can have a look at 
we do all the social media marketing, teaching , finding teacher also everything 
PAT  also set up this kind of education business for Silpakorn University  as a head of the learning center so he is busy sometime